Are coolants really necessary for ideal cooling or are they just a luxury? is it possible to run on water alone without overheating? Do coolants have any long term effects on the performance or efficiency of car engines? Pls lets discuss and share ideas.i need to know. Advice from all our auto specialists here will be appreciated.

Your engine will not overheat by using water alone.
However, the coolant has qualities that ensures your engine reaches optimal operating temperature quickly while maintaining a safe cooling temperature all round.
The most beneficial to your car is a 1/49 water/coolant mix.
Because it is difficult to actually determine the accurate mix, it is advisable to purchase premixed coolant which will not require the driver to measure water and soltex coolant before pouring in.

“if there’s too little water, the coolant won’t cool the engine as easily because it’s too thick as a solution. the water dilutes it so it flows freely thru the radiator. if there’s too much water the heat from the engine will cause the water to evaporate causing your coolant level to go down. This may result in engine over heating.”

Soltex Antifreeze Coolant 50 LITER.

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